2014 Chevrolet 1500

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2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT 4.3L (H LV3) 6-spd (6L80) — 1GCRCREH2EZ311482
U0140 — Lost Communication With Body Control Module
U0151 — Lost Communication With Restraints Control Module
U0422 — Invalid Data Received From Body Control Module
Security Theft / No Start

good afternoon gentlemen. I have this 2014 silverado that came from another shop. this started off with no comm to the ecm and the check engine light was off when KOEO. Found that the fuse box was full of water, previous shop told me this issue happened after battery was replaced. Also I’m thinking the previous shop, left the hood open and the fuse box was getting wet. So i ended replacing the fuse box from the dealer and I finally got comm to ecm but the security light would illuminate. And the codes that would pop up were the environmental identifier codes. When checking code criteria of prodemand, it showed to verify if modules were replaced with used modules, if so, codes would come up. I verified all the modules that send the identifier code have the same vin and are not used modules. has anyone had an issue with this problem ? Previous shop also programmed an extra key…

Update: Called a good friend of mine and he directed me to do an immobilizer relearn. and i told him i did on the bcm and he said do both bcm and ecm. when reading what happens when relearning those 2, the footnote stated it would recalibrate the identifier code. after doing that the truck started. most like previous shop put a used ecm tried turning on the truck and realized it wasnt going to work and put the original one back.

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If you clear all the codes and then attempt to start it, what codes return?

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Hi Azael, The way I'd approach this would be I'm keeping in the back of my mind I might not be getting the complete story on this, either due to the customer not getting the whole story, the shop leaving out details… I use factory equipment so I have an advantage. The first thing I'm doing would be to do a Vehicle DTC check and ID Information. With GDS 2 this will give you for a lot of the…

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I have noticed many Environmental ID problems with battery replacement/dead batteries. The repair is almost always BCM immobilizer setup selecting NEW KEYs but using EXISTING KEYs. This process rewrites the vehicles environmental IDs.

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