Jeep Wrangler 2008 3.8 limp mode

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Opus IVS
2008 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 3.8L (1) 6-spd (NSG370)
P2112 — Throttle Actuator "A" Control System - Stuck Closed
Limp Mode
No Reaction From The Throtle Body


When i start engine if i push the pedal sensor, rpm move to …,but the throtle plate not moving and still completely closing .without starting engine if i turn ignition on ,the throlte moves towards open position only 10% then it comes back to its close position.

plz help

Edward Owner

Looks like a faulty throttle body, before ruling it out I would check power supply grounds and signal feed.... Pin 5 is PWM 12V and Pin 3 Ground to open pin 5 is PWM Ground and Pin 3 is 12V to close Voltage should move up and down as throttle is opened and closed TPS 1 will go from low to high and 2 will go from high to low the sum of the voltages from both sensors should equal 5v at any…

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Samuel Technician
New Jersey

Edward answered this thoroughly!!! If you deduce that it is the throttle body, don't be afraid to pull the trigger! (these do fail)

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Geoff Diagnostician

If it's not physically binding, which you can check with your fingers, as long as you UNPLUG it first, then usually the ECM sees a current pattern it does not like (through the motor circuits) and concludes that it is binding. If you really enjoy playing with a scope you can current ramp those TAC motors just like any other motor. Just use a power probe to activate the motor for a split second…

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Solved Faulty throttle body

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