Demo a pico scope

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Hi guys

Does anybody know where i can demo a pico scope? Would like to try before I buy. 


John Instructor
Beaver, Pennsylvania
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For starters, just download the software and install it on a PC. (It's free) It will open up in demo mode with every button active. From there you can grab Psdata files that have been uploaded and open them and work with them just like you made the capture. picoauto​.​com/downloads

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Ray Diagnostician
North York, Ontario
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You can download the Pico software for free. Once you try to open the Pico, a box opens that says 'No device found" "Would you like to use a demo device" Click "Yes" and the 4 channel scope will open with some sample wave forms, so that you can practice zooming in or out. You can use the cursors to measure time and the signal voltages, etc. Ray

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Michael Mobile Technician
Clinton, Utah
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If you are going to the SEMA/AAPEX show in a couple of weeks Pico will be there along with some of the masters of the scope. It is the same case with the Vision Show in March. There are usually some classes taught specific to the Pico along with classes that cover scopes generally.

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Joseph Technician
Lexington, South Carolina
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Dang I wish you would of posted last week. I was signed up to go to your class in Columbia but had had something happen earlier in the week. If you're ever back in Colombia let me know and I will find a way to get one into your hands.

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Michael Owner/Technician
Rochester, New York
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Hi Edwin, I believe Tanner Brandt mentioned he lives near you, he has a PICO (4425) I believe. Im sure hed let you check it out

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Justin Technical Support Specialist
Fresno, California
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Edwin not sure where in SC you are but you are welcome to come and play with mine. I’m even available sometimes on Saturday. Rock hill SC right off i77

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Edwin Mobile Technician
Charleston, South Carolina
Edwin Update

thank you everybody I have been overwhelmed with offers to borrow the Pico scope this group is fantastic I will let you all know when I'm ready thank you again

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Luis Technician
Lake Forest, California
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Online Events: PicoScope 4425 Hands On Demo For Those Who would Like to Test Drive a PicoScope Any Time You Want by Appointment Cost: Free Just call or email for details on how to participate … Toll Free USA and Canada High speed internet connection is required You will be able to have a virtual hands on experience by operating a live PicoScope from your location on your

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