Algorithms to Predict Human Driver Behavior

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Turns out most accidents involving autonomous vehicles are rear end collisions (you know, the collisions few know about because they aren't plastered over click-bait and national news stories), not the autonomous vehicles rear-ending other vehicles but humans rear-ending AVs.

Humans don't give themselves enough credit as to how difficult driving is, and actually how good we are at it.

Don't let that go to your head, though.



David Instructor
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Thanks for posting Matt. Very educational. Amazing how mood and the time factors into which mode a driver is in. A phone call (good or bad), a glance at the time (oh, I'm late!) or even a particular gene of music on the radio can factor into the driving style of the moment. The presence of law enforcement puts most everyone into Prosocial driving mode! Engineering has come such a long way…

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Anthony Technical Support Specialist
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Hi Matt: Interesting article and video, it appears that I'm all but two of them. Truckers often say that if you want to get a four-wheeler to speed up, put your turn signal on. Guido

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Albin Diagnostician
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That is so true.

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Hollis Technician
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Some humans don't grasp the whole concept of effective vehicle control. I wonder if they're teaching AI the concept of 'Consequences' :O) This guy is interesting and a little scary. lexfridman​.​com Here's a link for your reading pleasure. sciencedirect​.​com/science/articl…

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Richard Technician
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That was interesting. Yesterday I took the day off to go to the movies with my brother. He is totally egoistic while I am way more prosocial. I will have to let him know science has a better word for him then the 4 letter ones I was using in the car yesterday.

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Jay Owner/Technician
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Hey Richard, I didn't know "arsehole" was a 4-letter word-!?!? (VBG)

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