Engine and Emission Driveability HANDS ON Class

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Engine and Emission Driveability Class -Hands On

You’ll use meters, scan tools, compression and cylinder leak-down gauges, Smoke Machine, various labscopes, In Cylinder Pressure Transducers and a 5-gas analyzer to build solid skills in today’s engine and emissions diagnosis and repair. You’ll learn how essential emissions control systems and equipment relate to engine performance and drivability problems. We’ll also cover 5 gas theory, interpreting emission gas readings and more.

1. Engines…blocks, heads, intakes, exhaust, cooling systems, valve timing, combustion, relative compression, compression test, cylinder leak down, volumetric efficiency, smoke test and misfire diagnosis. 

2. No Start Diagnosis…vacuum test, back pressure test, fuel pressure and volume testing.

3. Ignition systems and testing 

4. Fuel, engine additives, gas additives, fuel system and intake cleaning. 

5. Testing Engine efficiency using…DVOM, scan tools, gas analyzers, pressure transducers. 

6. Emission Tests and gas analyzing results

7. Emission control devices…PCV, EGR, Secondary Air, EVAP, Catalytic Converter and other systems.

Cost $745.00- Includes Book and Lunch

Dates: Friday Nov 15th, Sat. 16th & Sunday 17th 2019

Location: A.T.T.S 10 Lupi Plaza Mahopac, New York … or … at…raining​.​com

Instructor: "G" … Class Limit of 20 technicians * minimum 10 Technicians MUST Register & Pre Pay