Front brake line "T" block adapter broken off - Parts problem

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2008 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 4.7L (N Gas) 5-spd (545RFE)
Rusted Brake Line

When removing a blown brake line from the master cylinder to the “T” block to the front calipers, an adapter snapped off on the top of the brass block.

This is brake code BRR. Repairlink has the block in the diagram, but doesn't list the part. In the diagram for code BRT it lists callout number 4, not available ,and no part number. Salvage yards around here are a waste of time. 

I am hoping someone else has already figured this out. Right now My best option is to use a 3/16 “T” replace the 2 flare nuts from the front lines with 3/16, and A ¼ flare from the master cylinder line to the “T”. Even having a hard time getting an adapter for the ¼ end I have one on order from 3 places that might be able to deliver.

Brandon Owner/Technician

Have you tried actually calling the dealer? Repairlink doesn't always list parts numbers or prices for things in the diagram.

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Ricky Technician

Look at AGS Automotive solutions. They have a lot of brake lines and fittings available. They also have fuel line and A/C repair ends and kits. agscompany​.​com

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Rick Technician

The junction block for BRT is …AA, that looks like it is for all 4 wheels. …AC is for BRR and it looks like a single junction block

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Deck Owner/Technician

I had a similar situation with a 2010 Ram 1500 Megacab. The left front hose (not available from Dodge,) but found 1 from O'Rileys. Left front hose has the brass block that connects both front wheels and rear line to the abs mod. Hope this helps.

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Tommy Owner/Technician
North Carolina
Tommy Resolution

Thank You to Brandon, Ricky, Rick, & Deck for your replies. We ended up fabricating 3/16 tubing, And reusing the flare nuts for the non standard fittings. got the tubing as close as we could into all the holders as we could. It turned out ok, and worked well.

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