2006 smart .8L has a code p1187 fuel rail monitoring

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2006 Smart Fortwo 0.8L 6-spd
Limp Mode

This car will run fine down the road fine. The fuel pressure in live data is always to spec with what the computer expects. But within one minute of driving it will through this code and go into limp mode. Does anyone know the perameters for this code….I see that there is air in the return line when it is running sometimes. I have ruled out injectors, and their return lines. Any info on this code would be great.

I have a good running parts car and have swapped 

injectors, pressure sensor, pressure regulator.

Marty Technician

That code appears to be a generic code (?) not a factory code… Could you post the VIN # and perhaps some additional info may be available? Air in the fuel rail doesn't seem correct… fuel aeration has been know to cause problems… (there are case studies indicating you can have “good” pressure with poor volume…) Did you compare with the “Good running” parts car?

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Ryan Owner/Technician
British Columbia

It's been a while since I have worked on one of these so bear with me. I would check the fuel pressure to the CP1 high pressure pump. Even though your actual and desired rail pressures may match, the PCM may be maxing out the pressure regulator on the rail to maintain pressure. Like Marty said, the air is a concern, you might want to track that down first. After that I would recommend an…

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