BMW m3 throttle actuators

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2010 BMW M3 4.0L (S65B40A) 6-spd

Hi everyone and thanks for the help ahead of time. I have a friend I'm helping out this weekend. We'll be installing throttle control actuators and throttle position sensors on a 2010 bmw m3. I need to know if they will need to be coded after installation. I don't really do much work on European cars so I'm not too familiar with this one. If they do need to be coded is this something my Snap on, Autel, or Launch scan tool can handle? I also have a Cardaq j box. Can I use oem BMW software with the jbox if I buy a subscription? Any info would help as I don't know much about these cars. Thanks

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Should be plug and play.

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They do not need to be coded. Also, I’ve never seen the position sensors go bad, just the throttle actuators. Done dozens of them. The actuators fail one of two ways. Mechanically due to the teeth wearing down on the internal plastic gears. Or electronic failure due to all the carbon dust from the motor brushes getting on the circuit board and shorting something out.

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Like Luke says plug and play, you could initialize them to find the end positions but as soon as you turn the ignition on it does that any way. Hope this helps.

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Great! Thanks for the quick responses.

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No adaptions needed. Probably don't need position sensors. Not a bad job to do

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