ABS MODULE changed, NOW brake pedal has long travel

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2010 Nissan Xterra SE 4.0L (VQ40DE) 5-spd (RE5R05A)—5N1AN0NU6AC504419

C1140 code pulled with vdc & brake light on dash, followed the test procedure per all data & confirmed ABS control module was faulty. Replaced ABS Module with new module, followed the brake bleeding procedure & brake pedal still has long travel when vehicle is started up. Brake bleeding procedure calls for manual brake bleeding with the module disconnected or battery disconnected. After 2 or 3 tries of bleeding the lines no more air was coming out & yet again upon start up still long, mushy pedal travel. Used a brake bleeding machine with next attempt & same results. After checking with scan tool (autel) to see if theirs a special procedure only to find non listed. Has any one else ever experienced this on this type of vehicle? Any tips would be appreciated.

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Try to get the abs pump to run. Either command it in with the scan tool or find a gravel area and lock the brakes up to force the abs to run. Then try bleeding again.

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Vince Technician
Glendora, California
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Will do, thanks for the feed back. ( I tried with scan tool & it was a no go) will take it for test drive & try that way.

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Pat Technical Support Specialist
Carson, California
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Back to basics. the brake master does nothing but displace fluid. Only once the fluid runs out of places to be displaced will the pedal become firm. pistons in a caliper should travel about .010“ or so between apply and release...the master cylinder and caliper piston sizing takes this into account such that when things are working properly, we have normal pedal travel. if, for example, we…

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Paul Owner/Technician
Thornbury, Australia
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We have found road test & gravity bleeding gets the best pedal

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David Mechanic
Stockport, United Kingdom
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What scan tool are you using Vince ? It is strange that you can’t command the pump to run . Is it that the scan tool does not list the function or does it list the function but not run the pump . If the former have you tried a different year / model to see if you can find the function. Have you run a full system scan to check for any codes that may need clearing. If the latter can you access…

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Luis Technician
Lake Forest, California
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Water down open area accelerate to 15 miles and do 4-5 panic stops to activate abs on wet floor, gravel road as recommended also works

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