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Is anyone familiar with Rotary tire changers. We have to buy a new one and I was leaning toward the Rotary with center mount. Any pros or cons would be great. 

Eddy Business Development Manager

Dealer I worked at used to have the Rotary R145D. It was a pretty good machine, never broke down. The plastic heads broke occasionally (our fault), overall a pretty good machine. I liked the variable speed motor.

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Jeff Owner/Technician

I have the ravaglioli magic. It is the same as the rotary R1150, no problems with the machine and its been in service for about 6 years. It may be a little slower than a rim clamp but not having to use a bar on low profile tires more than makes up for it.

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Gavin Owner/Technician
South Dakota

We have a Rav. Same machine. Little slower but works well. The plastic heads do break so order some extras.

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Gerald Manager
Gerald Resolution

We decided to good with Hunter due to the fact that if I call our Hunter guy he is there the next day. We had a Corgi Artiglio and it was hard to get repaired. Thanks for the reviews.

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