Radar wiring repair

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2017 Nissan Altima 2.5L (QR25DE) (RE0F10D)

I was called to a local body shop to discuss wiring repair versus harness replacement on this newer Nissan vehicle. It was hit on the right front. The distance sensor/radar is missing and the bracket is mangled. The wires to the unit were severed clean. We have no idea what the sensor or connector should look like at this time. According to everything I have read from I-Car and Nissan, repairing this damage is permitted. The only thing Nissan clearly states cannot be repaired is SRS wiring. I have found this to be a huge problem on newer Nissan Rogues that are rear ended. The sensors and connectors get destroyed. Often times the wires and pins are ok. I have ordered 10 of these connector housings (OEM) to keep on hand for this very reason. I am hoping they are the same connectors for this vehicle. What are your thoughts on repairing wiring on these collision avoidance systems? I don't see any problem doing repairs as long as A: It is repaired and secured properly, B: It is afterwards sent out for an alignment and the unit is calibrated properly, and C: Everything functions properly when it's done.

Nicholas Diagnostician
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Liability, not worth it. Replace all damaged parts.

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Steve Owner/Technician
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I believe it may void the warranty on anything related to the harness. I had that discussion recently with a Nissan master tech.

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Anthony Technical Support Specialist
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Hi Benjamin: One area that you didn't mention is data latency and timing due to wire length changes due to the repair. Granted, this "could" fall under your "C" item but what if it doesn't flag while you have the vehicle because of.... What's the rule of thumb, within .5 inches of the original wire length with the same twist? Just something to consider. HTH, Guido

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Benjamin Owner
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I agree, but as of 2018, Nissan states that wiring repair is acceptable on everything except for airbag wiring. I am planning on using an OEM connector, OEM terminal Pins and crimp to spec. My opinion is that if the manufacture does not clearly state whether or not something is allowed or not, then it's on them. If only the connector housing is damaged I will usually replace the housing with no

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Christopher Technician
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As an OEM, we will repair wiring/connectors provided there is enough of it left to match wire lengths, otherwise it gets a harness/sub-harness.

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James Owner/Technician
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With the exception to SRS as you stated is a no-no, we will repair harnesses if possible and write on the R.O. repaired as outlined by Insurance Company.

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