XM Radio Failure

Esteban Technician Texas Posted   Edited  
Case Study
2008 Honda Accord EX 2.4L (K24Z3) 5-spd
No Radio Sound

This one is a 2008 Accord that came in with the XM radio not working​.​ They wanted a second opinion cause they were told that they need it a new antenna. I started by performing a self diag test of the audio unit and checking inputs operation​.​ Then checked connections at the antenna and then at the XM receiver​.​ Checked power/grounds and net line which communicates the XM unit with the Display/Audio and found that it wasn’t shorted but I was getting no output from XM​.​ While I was removing the XM unit to have a better look at the connectors the signal suddenly returned and the audio also came back​.​ So I wiggled the harness and the XM antenna cable and also pushed the connectors and it stayed on​.​ End up finding that the XM unit had an internal failure and by me moving it came back to live momentarily.I found cool to being able to actually visualize the audio output signal (G-NET)on the waveform and seeing it go high and low synchronized with what I was playing on the radio.