Porsche Panamera PDK Displacement Sensors

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2011 Porsche Panamera 4S 4.8L (4840) 7-spd (Porsche PDK)
Gearbox Malfunction

Porsche Panamera Displacement Sensor Faults P1731 P1732 P1733 P1734 (DTC Fault descriptions: Distance sensor information/shift rod faults (outside of validity range) Plausibility)

Recently I have seen many PDK transmission issues stemming from a failure of the displacement sensors inside the gearbox. Most often the vehicle will not move at all & a gearbox failure warning is illuminated. Many workshops are unfamiliar with this gearbox and online research produces little to no results. To improve awareness, I figured I would share a photo and some part numbers to assist. The internal harness includes a sensor pack. Replacement will require lowering the valve body. I also recommend replacement of the plastic transmission pan with integrated filter & of course new original PDK fluid.

Common part numbers include … & …

Stephen Mechanic
United Kingdom

thanks for information on error codes. found your article invaluable. had more than a few issues though, incorrect sensor pack initially supplied from Porsche, 2 wheel drive version not 4 wheel as requested. then correct type on back order with no delivery date. elected to modify incorrect sensor pack to suit, just required additional harness splicing internally [be neat!]. sorted transmission…

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Andy Owner/Technician
British Columbia

I have a 2011 Panamera 4 3.6L here that sets fault P1870 when attempting calibration at the step for the shift rod compensation. I started looking at this vehicle after it received a new TCM and then a used transmission assembly when the other shops were unable to perform the calibration. I am looking at the sensor 1+2 supply voltages as #1 is at 5V and #2 is 8.61V. Scan data pids show the same…

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