Pricing ADAS testing, repair, and calibrations

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I am in the process of having a building being built dedicated to performing 4 wheel alignments and ADAS calibrations. I have purchased the AUTEL complete package with ADAS tablet. The question I have is pricing the costs. Alldata really has very limited info at this time. Autel indicates insurance companies are paying in between $100.00 to $150.00 for pre and post scans and $200.00 to $400.00 for each ADAS calibration. Any input will be greatly appreciated.


Paul Mobile Technician
Salt Lake City, Utah
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I would certainly make sure the Body shops around you are OK with you using Autel Rather then the OE tools and procedures. Many of the body shops I do work for need the OE tool documented on each invoice as well as I need to prove I have purchased these tools. Some insurance companies are only paying $20 for a pre AND post now too!!!

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Michael Owner/Technician
Montague, New Jersey
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Just curious, why would it matter what the insurance company wants to pay? It's my shop, my equipment, my expertise. They pay what I want.

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Bob Mobile Technician
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I believe discussing pricing in a forum such as this is illegal.

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Matthew Mobile Technician
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ftc​.​gov/tips-advice/co… I don't think it would be appropriate to discuss pricing in dollars on this forum.

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Stephen Owner/Technician
Orange, Texas
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I apologize for asking the question in dollars and cents. I am looking more for estimated labor time guides.

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Chris Owner
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So what car makes are covered with the machine you have purchased? Did you speak to insurance company's first ? I don't see why we can't talk guidelines for pricing when the intention is not to price fix, rather to help get an idea of if we are in the ball park :)?

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Colin Owner/Technician
Ryton, United Kingdom
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We carry out a mobile ADAS Calibration service in the North East of England UK. We charge approx GBP£275 + VAT for ADAS calibrations. Wheel alignment is a further £60ish. Diagnostics are around £60/hour mark.

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