MAN IT3 fault code 4217-2

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2015 MAN TGS 10.5L (D2066 LF 69 440hp) 12-spd (Tipmatic 12 AS 2130 OD)
Retarder Not Working Fault Code 4217-2

Hi guys, help me, been working on a MAN TGS 2913 model with IT3 retarder, and its not working. Can anyone help me to translate this code since it's not listed on the MAN fault list chart. Thank you

Igor Owner/Technician
New Zealand

Hi Naison​.​Send me your email and I will send some pdf and links to help you out with this problem. Also send me more details about truck​.​vin nr to get you wiring diagram for retarder

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Naison Technician
South Africa

Thank you. It's a TGS … model. I don't have the VIN at hand my email is …. Thank you

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