Central processor voltage Specs / or is this false value

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2003 Jaguar X-Type 3.0L 5-spd
P0037 - HO2S Heater Control Circuit Low Bank 1 Sensor 2
Rough Idle
Lack of Power


P0037, P1647

I have little European Experience.

This vehicle has fuel trims stuck at 0.0 Long and Short both banks. Scan tool shows O2 sensors at O.O volts, I was called in to train and work with technician. We checked codes and he was eager to point out the Fuel trims with vehicle running, and I wanted to take a look at all the ECM data pids and found the attached B+central processor voltage 2.6 volts, I was thinking "we have to start here!" I have not been able to locate any SI on Identifix of All Data that says this PID exists. We did test powers and grounds at the PCM ( back probing KOEO and KOER ) and all is well. Ran out of time for the day but will hit a gain tomorrow. I did call Identifix to ask if this PID truly exist and they could not give straight answer, stating they have seen AM scantools list invalid PID's they recommend test the O2 voltages at the PCM , I agree and will tomorrow.

So does any one know if this PID is a "fake "? If I saw this on GM or Ford I would condemn the PCM after Power and grounds tested. we used an autel and a snap on with the same results.

Thanks for the advice in advance

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Hi Brian: I can't answer your question though I have two of my own. Your description shows two O2 heater codes. Your screen capture shows 16 Permanent codes. Is the code PID accurate? What tool are you using? See if this helps. If you wish to flat rate it, view from the 6:30-8:45 marks. youtube​.​com/watch?v=UkNhvl… It should be needless to say but if you have 2 bad heaters on a 16 year old

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Thanks for the reply, Code PID is accurate as we created many DTC's while testing. The screen shot is Autel ms906ts and we also used a Snap On edge..

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I have not seen this PID before! But as far as what you are describing in here it seems like you have a bad ECM. I would start by disconnecting all O2 and erasing the codes, then using a test light on one of the heater wires to see of any activations. O volts and O fuel trims sounds like arithmetic got corrupted on the CPU.

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will be checking more tomorrow..

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