Mix up between management and customer on symptoms

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Snapon Zeus
2016 Chevrolet Traverse LT 3.6L (D LLT) 6-spd (6T75) — 1GNKVHKD6GJ155981
P0442 — EVAP System Leak Detected (small leak),
P0496 — EVAP System High Purge Flow
P0442 P0496 And Actual Symptons To Be Suspected With These
Start Up And Running Issues After Fill Up

Had this one in was quick easy fix , but miss interpretation of symptoms by management could of cost some time . But seen these problems before and quick smoke test verifying fuel tank venting well . So suspected shouldn't be a fill up issue , which is what management had relayed to me . As a customer complaint , but zeus performed well flagging data pids on tank pressures showing vacuum present during non purge . But posting just share simple thing as getting accurate symptoms could lead to waste time . Was suspecting usual symptoms associated with purge stuck open , running and starting issues after fill up . After another phone call to customer , symptoms suspected verified as the complaint . Purge valve replacement and road test until monitors completed , verified fix .