Remotes Dont Lock or Unlock Doors

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2007 Land Rover LR3 HSE 4.4L (5) 6-spd (6HP26)
Lock/Unlock Remote Inop

… Land Rover LR3 and Sport

All remotes don’t lock and unlock, the doors but the central locking button on the center of dashboard does. Central Locking button locks and unlocks the doors,so all the door locks and wiring circuitry is functioning. The common problem problem is corroded splice in power Wire (Green/White) going to RF antennae in harness under passenger door sill plate . There is a Splice in the harness under the passenger door sill plate. Its the power wire from fuse 43 in the central Junction box behind the glove compartment to the R/F reciever antennea in the headliner between Passenger B-post and rear of sunroof and Tire Pressure Monitor antennea in headliner above the overhead console. The Splice's in that harness corrode from leaking sunroof drain and the water collects there because its the lowest part of the body. Here is the location of the splice. Just in front of the front seat track. Also a good place to check it you have Tire Pressure Monitor issues 

Ray Diagnostician

Thank you for the tips! Ray

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Stephen Mechanic
United Kingdom

weather in Britain must be worse, had this precise fault approx 6 times, reason for splice is wiring continues to tyre pressure monitor module [seldom fitted]. quick check test for voltage in wire running up "a" post adjacent to windscreen to remote aerial above headlining.

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