Used transmission install in Titan - Does it require programming?

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2009 Nissan Titan LE 5.6L (VK56DE Gas) 5-spd (RE5R05A) — 1N6BA07D39N300353
Replacing Transmission With Used Unit

Hello Sirs,

I am installing a used transmission in this Nissan Titan listed above.

I understand a new/blank TCM does require programming when replacing it.

My question is does this used TCM in the used transmission require programming to this vehicle?

Maybe just a VIN change??

Thanks for your help.

Regards, Timothy

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Provides it has the correct programming file in it for the vin you have it does not. IF it has the wrong file there is no easy fix for that. Drive it and see how it works and if it sets any codes IMO

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We have installed the used transmission and it shifted well without any further programming. I attached the TCM part number record from the original and the replacement transmissions. Original transmission TCM number Replacement USED transmission TCM number

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