Cam / Crank timing , good waveform?

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2004 Land Rover Freelander SE 2.5L 5-spd
Crank / No Start
No Injector Pulse No Spark

Hello everyone I am looking for known good cam / crank waveform. This vehicle has not ran for over a month and has been around the block, story goes that it was originally a crank no start. A crank sensor and PCM were installed before I had a chance to take a look.

My 1st time looking at the vehicle, no generic dtc's however many odd codes in enhanced data with Autel that I could not find any info on 0x4100, 0x4232, 0x5231. We had no cranking RPM, so I went to the Cam & Crank sensors, and had no CAM signal. I tested the cam sensor power,signal, and return ckts along with the terminal retention and rotation of the cam while cranking. diag​.​net/file/f3u3cluzq…

So cam sensor ordered and installed and still crank no start, however we do have cranking RPM on scanner along with this pattern. diag​.​net/file/ffctcuo9h…

I did look for a while for cam crank relationship wave forms and had no luck. I did find SI stating that missing tooth is 36 degrees ATDC however I am not sure if the cam signal rising is actually supposed to be TDC? diag​.​net/file/f1konptab…

I did test compression on cylinder # 3 with transducer (I DID NOT SAVE FILE UGH!!!) it seemed like the exhaust was opening 163 degrees ATDC and max PSI was only at 65 PSI. ( seemed low something off?) Still no spark or injector pulse, power to coils and injectors is good / B+ Note that I had amp clamp on starter due to the longer that this vehicle was cranked the more it sounded like it had a dead hole. Ran out of time on this as the shop was closing for the day.

This vehicle has a connection problem at the pcm connectors / terminals or the PCM board itself. When wiggling the connector that the Cam and Crank ckts are in the IAT, and TP2 voltage will widely fluctuate while the manifold runner controls cycle . I have spent a great deal of time trying to isolate this issue. PCM powers and grounds stay steady when back probing and the harness is wiggled. We trying to make sure we do not have base engine timing issue before going further into the PCM and harness.

Any help appreciated!

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Hi Brian: I can't answer your questions concerning the waveform though the numbers don't add up in my head. I can't see where you can get 36 degrees when the one end (0 degree mark) shows 7 teeth and the other (360 degree mark) shows 8 teeth. You may wish to see if the cam is offset when setting up for a chain replacement. That very well may answer your question. Also keep in mind that the…

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You should first do a cylinder leakage test in cylinder 3. Attach rubber gloves on the tailpipe, over the throttle body, put a balloon on the dipstick tube and remove the rad cap. Do a pin drag test in the PCM terminals for the fluctuating voltages in the IAT, TP2, etc.

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Ray Diagnostician
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This GIF shows the ckp gap is 36* after the starter amp's TDC

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Brian Update

Just heads up waiting for the original PCM come back before I return to vehicle. The tech states they did not have bad / fluctuating data pids originally just no RPM spark or fuel.

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