This Is Not About The Coronavirus Trained By Techs Livestream!

Brin Diagnostician Melbourne, Florida Posted   Latest   Edited  

Join us this Monday, March 23rd at 9:00 PM Eastern for special guest, diagnostic talk, Vision KC 2020 talk, dirty talk, whatever!

We've missed you and we can't handle being away any longer!



Miguel Technician
Sunrise, Florida
Miguel Default

Mark me down for the dirty Talk LOL.

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Stephen Educator
Bethel, Ohio
Stephen Default

Can you supply a link for this ?

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Brin Diagnostician
Melbourne, Florida
Brin Default

Stephen, That would be helpful. We will edit this post with one soon.

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Brian Owner/Technician
Amanda, Ohio
Brian Default

You say your talking about Mercedes are you. That is dirty talk right? lol

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