A.T.T.S. LIVE Online "Labscope Class"

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A.T.T.S. LIVE Online "Labscope Class"


"Mastering the Labscope"

Class Starts Tuesday July 7th to July 16th, 2020

(every Tues. & Thurs.) 

Time: 7:00pm EDT (Duration 2 hours) 

Cost: $30.00 each online class

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This LIVE webinar is useful for entry level to the advanced Labscope technicians.

The sessions will cover;

How to Connect, Display, and Interpret Labscope Readings on all major brands of Labscopes, Scope Essentials, Controls, Connections, Channels, Coupling, Time and Voltage Settings, Transducers and Major Signal Types. All labscopes are covered including EScope, Fluke, OTC, Pico, Snap-On.

Don't let those expensive tools collect dust in your tool box!

 What is needed for the online class:

  • Computer/laptop or tablet 

What we recommend for the class:

  1. A.T.T.S. book "Mastering The Labscope" (Purchase Here) 

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. …