Need wiring schematic assistance for fuse F19 on 2006 freestyle

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Blown Fuse F19 And Loss Of Speedo

I inherited this after two other shops installed instrument clusters. Apparently google told them so. Found fuse F19 blown, replaced fuse and it lasted about 15 minutes. Fuse is not exploding but rather slowly melting from an overload. I am fairly certain this goes to the ABS and the Transfercase ECU (DEM). Noted while doing some diagnosis that the DEM supply voltage read 7-10 volts shortly before the issue so I suspect an internal DEM, pump motor for the transfer case or wiring supplying modules on the circuit. I work almost exclusively on Ferrari and Maserati product so I am hoping for a wiring schematic to dive a bit further in.

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That’s the best I can do on my phone. Hope it helps Ford factory service info is only $24.95 for a short term subscription [Attachments removed due to copyright concerns —DN Staff]

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Albin Diagnostician

power supply diag shows fuse 19 powers the ABS module, parking aid module, both front sat heater modules & the traction assist module. You can power the circuit, then use an IR camera to show you where the current is flowing, or you can unplug all modules, hook a current probe in the fuse circuit, then start plugging things back in and see which one is pulling the current.

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Here's a diagram hope it helps [Attachment removed due to copyright concerns —DN Staff]

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Thanks for the input. I am not sure that a draw of 10-15 amps in the whole system will be able to be found with a IR camera. I am fairly certain this is the transfer case module and pump they are problematic and sold as a kit. I have been unable to reproduce a fuse failure but I will address the P1889 hard fault and work through the rest. Car does not have parking aid or heated seats so its…

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Shane Technician

I use a thermal imager for parasitic draws all the time, sometimes under 200 milliamps

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