Gen 1 Volt Monitor Data

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2013 Chevrolet Volt 1.4L (4 LUU) (4ET50) — 1G1RH6E46DU109472

Data for Randy:

Mode $06 Data prior to code clear

ECM Data

Mode $09 Data prior to code clear

Data monitor prior to code clear 

Data monitor after code clear prior to engine run

Data monitor after 26 minutes of engine run time initiated by opening the hood.

Data log of the 26 minute engine warm up

Data: o2-htr-egr-monitor complete in under 3 min

Data: Cat monitor ran and set complete on this drive after key cycle

Data: Another run without the o2 sensor monitor running 

Mode $06 after code clear and extended engine run time and road testing in hold mode

I'll be logging the warm up tomorrow morning hoping to catch the 02 sensor monitor running. My plan is to go KOEO, start logging and then pull the hood release which will command the engine on.

I'll post an update then.

Scott Owner/Technician

On 10-1-2020 I was able to get the O2 sensor monitor to complete while getting on the freeway going to WOT at this point: Here is the data log that contains the point at which the O2 monitor set to complete: Mode $09 Data: Readiness: Mode $06: (Strange that this report is not showing the results of the 02 sensor Mid $01 TID $01 Here is the vehicle module data HPtuners provided:

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