Motor Age/TST November webinar - Don't miss this one!

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Our last webinar of 2018 is also a very special one - for a few reasons! First, making money as a diagnostic technician is all about efficiency and the DSO is one tool that can provide a lot of information in a short amount of time. Our webinar is called "Essential Scope Techniques" and will feature a variety of DSO tests that ANY tech can put to work right away.

But that's not all! Read on...

Anyone who has experienced a TST training event knows that they provide great training AND some great giveaways, thanks to their supporting sponsors. Thanks to #TST, #AESwave and #AutomotiveTestSolutions, TWO lucky registrants will win a new scope! AESWave is providing one lucky winner with a Pico Starter Kit and ATS is providing a second with their new EScope Elite kit - both are valued at over $2500.

Learn more and get registered at motorage​.​com/dsotechnique

Jim Mobile Technician

GREAT Training opportunity with the added chance of some AWESOME Diagnostic Equipment.

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Cuba Mobile Technician

Excellent!! I'm looking forward to it. Even without the raffle, this class should be valuable in itself!

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G Educator
New York

Pete this webcast is going to be real good with live demos and slides filled with information from both of us. So it does not matter if the tech is new to labscope usage or if they are a seasoned user. There is something for everyone....besides there are two scopesto win. Sign up to possibly win one of the 2 scopes besides learning at least a few tricks and tips.

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Pete Technician

Just a reminder that this webinar is only a few days away! Learn a variety of scope techniques, demonstrated on the simulation board and on the car, that you can put to work immediately to help you troubleshoot those problem children waiting for you in the shop. And who knows, Santa may come early this year! Everyone who registers before 4 p.m. Eastern is automatically entered for a chance to

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