Putting out the welcome mat is not enough. Let's lead them to a spaghetti dinner

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It is a very exciting time in our industry. There's a lot of great things happening and this Network is one of them. I look at DN as being the Hub of this industry. I look forward to seeing that come to fruition but it's up to us. We need to do our part. We are and will continue to be DN. We have a say in shaping this thing and we can do that by being respectful, encouraging, professional and welcoming. 

Welcoming is my focus for this post. We know who we want in here so why aren't we inviting them? I want to share a post that I distributed around several Facebook groups. This post was designed to encourage professionals to join us at DN as we continue to commit to helping our Industries professionals get the respect they deserve. 

I'm challenging all of you to invite some friends to the spaghetti dinner (there really isn't a spaghetti dinner but there should be). 

Scott, Can we have a spaghetti dinner?

See my Facebook post below.

I wanted to take a minute to give my perspective on the new Diagnostic Network. Most good things take time to mature. Starting a site from ground up is no easy feat I’m sure, but the site started with some cool features from day one and new features are coming in weekly it seems. One thing that I’ve noticed is the level of respect and professionalism on the site. So far, there has been no evidence of disrespect that I could see. This is important to me and it’s clear to me that this is no accident. Sure, we can all grow and learn from an opposing viewpoint if we’re open minded and not putting so much effort into being “right”, but there’s no reason for the opposition to be disrespectful.

Going back to the comment I made about good things taking time to mature. In all honesty, this has been true with DN as well. It did take some time for the content to start flowing but fast forward a few months, and I’m having a hard time keeping up. To say that the content is impressive would be an understatement. I’m excited to be a part of an industry that has so many great minds.

I would like to encourage those of you that signed up to get involved. I know and respect many of you and look forward to being blown away by your contributions. It is an exciting time in our industry, but we have a lot to overcome and we’re going to continue to face challenges as we move forward.

For those of you that haven’t sign up. I encourage you to do so. We need each other. We need to connect and learn from each other and we need to do so on a professional network like DN. A network that was started for us to have a place that belongs to our Industry and not some corporate entity that most likely doesn’t care about our future. This network will connect technicians, tool manufacturers, trainers and training companies, subject matter experts, parts manufacturers and most likely vehicle manufacturers. Connecting all those different facets will allow us to collaborate and work together in a way that will make us unstoppable. The sky is the limit as they say.

For those of you that might be intimidated. How would you like to have a place that you can learn from your colleagues while being treated as an equal? You won’t be removed just because you didn’t know what to ask or might not have known what to ask. Let’s face it, this is a complicated career. The industry can be overwhelming, and it can be discouraging when you get hammered for sticking your neck out. I can’t say that everything is going to be perfect, but I can say that there has been a lot of effort to keep things professional. I can say that I have only witnessed great conversations from professional individuals. Come on in, the waters great! If you don’t know what or how to ask, we will do our best to help you understand what and how to ask the next time and we will do so with respect.

Michael Diagnostician

Very well said and this is where the professionals can collaborate with one another easily and not get lost in the clutter of facebook. What is being posted out there should be getting posted on here so it can easily be found again when questions arise. So glad to see other professionals care about the future of our industry.

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Scott Manager

Thanks for the kind reflection Brin, I really appreciate the support by everyone bringing their attention to DN as without the support, we couldn't make this happen. There's a lot going on behind the scenes to make this all work and it's just like you say, no easy feat. On the service end, one thing is for sure and that it's the continued development of the neural network between the ears that

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