Labor time for turbocharger replacement

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2012 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat 6.7L (T) 6-spd (6R140) — 1FT7W2BT7CEB05089

Fellow techs, 

We don't do a lot of diesel work. When replacing the turbocharger on this truck, Mitchell and Alldata allow 5.2 hours to do the job. Is that a fair labor time for someone who has done a few of them? Also, How many of you pull the cab for this labor operation? Thanks for your input.

Caleb Diagnostician
Mishawaka, Indiana
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I have never pulled the cab for one. But dont get me wrong they are tight. I pulled the passenger fender liner an worked over the top of the bell housing to help with clamps and up pipes. 2 people is nice. Also I never removed the down pipe. Just removed clamp and pryed the pipe back out of the way. Made it much easier to line backup. Just got to get in there an do it. You'll see. I'd charge 6.5…

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Rudy Technician
Montebello, California
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Use the guide as a starting point and charge accordingly. (personally if a job Ive never done calls for 5 hours, I ask for 6.5-7.0) My experience has shown me that modern book times are fairly stingy....

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Chad Technician
Decatur, Alabama
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Well 5.0 hours is low even for warranty. Under warranty I would get paid around 7.5 hours to do that job. That’s R&R turbo, change oil and filter (a must because when you remove the turbo, you will loose a slight amount to coolant into the crankcase. I’ve seen several reports of engines seizing after turbo replacement and the oil was not changed before cranking the engine) and either…

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Justyn Technician
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Never pulled a cab. Pull the RF fender liner. Always pull the down-pipe. Make note of the orientation of the clamps. Take photos if you have to. If they aren't going the correct direction they will impede the downpipe lining up. IF its a 2 piece down pipe leave it in one piece. It sucks to put back together. Replace all clamps. Should come with the kit from Ford. I think we charge 7-8hrs. We…

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Steven Mobile Technician
Long Branch, New Jersey
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It’s possible to remove the turbos with out the cab. however usually it take less than 2 hours to lift the cab. We would Charge around 8 hours for that job.

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Mike Instructor
Fresno, California
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Don't pull the cab. Use the wrench that was discussed in my 6.7L webinar that you attended.

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Mark Owner/Technician
Cumming, Georgia
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Its not bad, you don't need to pull the cab to do this job. If you do them every once and a while, it may take you longer. I agree with Mike Cleary. A top side creeper comes in handy for the light truck side.

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LaMont Owner/Technician
Smithville, Ohio
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Thanks to everyone who replied. When something is new to you, it's understandable that it should take longer. It's just good to know how long it is taking guys out in the real world to replace the turbo on this truck, and tips to make the job go faster. It appears that the book time is a little stingy. By the way, I did buy a topside creeper made by Nomad Manufacturing. It's a little bit more…

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