Teaching credentials, requirements?

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Hello all,

I am wondering what teaching credentials are necessary to teach at a junior college or trade school. I understand this could be specific to the school, but in general what would be required to teach automotive courses. I am interested in teaching and would like to begin gaining the qualifications needed to apply for a position. Thank you in advance for your time and thoughts.

Sean Technician
Forest Lake, Minnesota
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Depends if it’s a state college and of course each state may have different requirements, but it usually involves a set amount of experience in the trade (10 years or so) and either teaching experience or completed teaching courses specified by the state. Although those can be taken within the first 3 years of employment. It will also depend if the program is accredited by the ASE education…

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David Instructor
Kokomo, Indiana
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Hi Jordan I concur with Sean regarding professional field experience and ASE credential requirements to teach. I'll add that beyond that there are a lot of variables throughout the country. Many (if not most) community colleges / universities with automotive technology programs add the requirement for full time (and sometimes) adjunct faculty members to have at least the same degree (level and…

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Jordan Technician
Reno, Nevada
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Thank you sir for the in-depth reply! Very informative. I have watched many of your training videos over the years!

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Dave Mobile Technician
Ironton, Ohio
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If you are interested in teaching in a particular state it would be a good idea to visit a a school and discuss it with the administration. When I started teaching many years ago in Ohio there were really no up front requirements other than practical experience . I was the required to take two years of teachers education and write a course of study. No big deal, it consisted of seven weeks at…

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Eric Mechanic
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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You will need to check with your state department of education. Generally, CTE instructors require less formal education than other teachers. You can probably take the courses from a community college on line. As far as trade schools go, I don't think private schools have to adhere to the same standards.

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Nate Educator
Los Angeles, California
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California you would need the ASE, Pass the CBEST Test and level 1 and level 2 educational program from UCLA or equivalent

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Hans Diagnostician
Salt Lake City, Utah
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As mentioned before, ASE master certification will likely be minimum. I had to get that when I applied for the adjunct substitute job at my local community college. I went back to school and was able to finish my bachelors in skilled and industry education. I know it will help quite a bit when a full time teaching job becomes available. Just go talk to them and see what they need for the job!

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Jordan Technician
Reno, Nevada
Jordan Update

Thank you gentlemen for all the responses! I appreciate your thoughts and advice. I have my ASE Master Cert. and L1 and I am starting my 21st year as a tech, but my formal education is definitely lacking. I will look into what requirements in Nevada would be.

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Matthew Mobile Technician
Bartlett, Illinois
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Here are the minimum requirements at my school: ASE Master, G1, and L1 required. 5 or more years technical experience. Part-time instructors must have an Associate's degree in Automotive Technology. Full-time instructors must have a Bachelor's degree in Automotive Technology. Full-time instructors are expected to achieve a Master's degree during the early parts of their employment. Much of…

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Jordan Technician
Reno, Nevada
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Thank you for the great info! and sorry for my delayed response. I am originally from your neck of the woods. I have an automotive certificate from the College of DuPage.

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Michael Owner/Technician
Montague, New Jersey
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If you're planning on teaching for a trade specific school such as Lincoln tech/UTI you may only need ASE certs. However, years ago when I applied, I found I would have been working more hours for way less money than twisting wrenches. Also, I walked in with more ASE certs than anyone else there at the time but I would have been low man on the ladder. Most manufacturers require a 4 year degree…

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John Educator
Toronto, Ontario
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Hi Jordan, Up here in Ontario to teach at the college level you need a minimum of 5 years in the trade as a licensed technician. It was also recommended to me that I take courses at night school for Adult Education. I started teaching in the fall of 2014 after almost 30 years on the bench and I can honestly say that it's the best job I've ever had. I really look forward to each and every day…

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Jordan Technician
Reno, Nevada
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Thank you John! I have had opportunity to do some training of some younger techs and have enjoyed it.

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