Intermittent alarm gremlins

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Case Study
2007 Ford Escape XLS 3.0L (1) 4-spd
Alarm Intermittently Goes Off When The Vehicle Is Locked

I was called for a 2007 Ford Escape that the customer complained the alarm was going off intermittently when the doors were locked. The truck sat at the shop for 3 days locked with no alarm activation. When I arrived I wasn't really sure where to start since they couldn't get it to act up. After some quick research I discovered that the alarm activation history was stored in the GEM and could be viewed in the data menu. As you can see in the attached pic the right rear door and the passenger front door ajar switches were the reason for the activation. The right rear door had set it off 6 out of the last 8 times and the passenger front door set if off 2 out of the last 8 times. At this point I was able to give the shop a direction to go in. They chose to opt out of any more diag time and said they would like to try replacing the door latches themselves and see where they stand. Hope this little bit of info helps someone in the future.

Matthew Owner/Technician

Great tip, that data is always helpful. I usually park these things out in the sun to try and get them to act up. Usually the doors expanding a little bit can get the vehicle to sound the alarm.

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Albin Diagnostician

That is just plain way cool stuff. So far, I have never had to go after a problem like this on a Ford, although I have had a few Toyota pickups come in with problems like this.

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Chris Technical Support Specialist
New York

The pids for alarm event history will even show if the panic button on the fob is the cause. I have seen a couple Ford's over the years with issues like this and those pids are the only way to isolate the fault. Great tip.

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Jim Curriculum Developer

Ah the life of mobile diagnosis and consulting. You get the enjoyment of giving direction many times but do not get the direct opportunity to make the repair. But I digress. If you have a Tech Stream for Toyota (or capable tool) take a look at the Vehicle Control History utility for main body. Events may also have date and time stamps. Select the system of interest from the drop down. Can be

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