2012 Infinity G35x / G25x Horn Inop (NOT THE CLOCKSPRING)

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Car came in with a horn not working. Checked at my Horn relay 1 and i had no ground coming from my horn switch. Removed the airbag on the steering wheel & tested my clock-spring OK. As per all data there is a splice on that wire (1 (Lt green) wire goes to Horn Relay 1 / the other goes through the IPDM then becomes a dark green and goes to horn relay 2). I don't know if Nissan/Infinity diagrams are any better but ALLDATA does not tell your where that splice is located. if you remove the wiper grill (after you've removed the 2 plastic covers for battery r/s & brake res. cover l/s you will find the harness passes under all the brake lines & a/c lines going across that channel. Right in the middle of that harness (around where its held to thew metal with a plastic retainer there is a splice that sits right where all the water pools up. The wire had broken right there. (Not fun to get to but if you try and pass a new wire you have to make sure that you are sending one to horn 1 relay and one to the IPDM so it can send to Horn relay 2). 

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Michael, thank you for Tip and the photos!

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