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1997 BMW 528i 2.8L (M52) 4-spd (4L30-E)—WBADD6328VBW15121

key fobs stop working after the battery died and replaced. I've try the key fob initialization where start with all doors close and unlocked, you put the key in ignition switch to position 2, remove key and hold the unlock button and as your holding press lock 3 times and release unlock. But it doesn't lock the door. I've checked all fuses and check for codes it has ffh/255 and fh/15 i pulled from the immobilizer module with snap on scanner but i cant find anything regarding the codes. im looking for information on how to test the gen module. the fobs have new batteries and the light on fob flashes as i try to learn the keys.

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This may help (see attached)

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William Diagnostician
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Double check fuse 53 in the trunk.

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Phillip Diagnostician
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IF you have a fob reader or even most TPMS tools these days have a frequency reader, use that to make sure that it is actually transmitting. I know this is a dumb question but you didn't put the batteries in backwards did you?

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Max Technician
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Yes thank you I did check for signal from the fobs and when I tried to initialize them the little red light on the fob comes on and it flashes as I hold the buttons to try to learn it.

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Phillip Diagnostician
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Okay I did not see you mention the light. So let me get this straight. The battery in the key which should be a smart key I believe died? This is probably were the customer brought the vehicle to you is that right? I could probably assume the vehicle still starts ? Also can you post a picture of the codes? I have not used a snap on scanner in a very ling time to diagnose a BMW but I believe in…

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Jose Technician
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This is not a smart key, it is only a key with integrated fob

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