Ford Transit Trans Service

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2015 Ford Transit 3.7L (M 99M) 6-spd

Hi Guys, Need know what are you guys doing as far as trans service for the ford transit. No room to drop the pan and I hate to cut the cooler line to do the flush. And what about camber adjustment. Dealing with a lot of my customer transit with tire edges wear out and no adjustment. When try to shift the frame unable to get in spec. thank you

Chris Technical Support Specialist
New York

The transmission filter and fluid are rated to 150,000 pan removal is not easy. The cross member needs to be lowered 4 or 5 inches to remove the pan. You could remove the cooler lines and start the engine (very messy) and shut it off as soon as the flow is not steady and then refill. That just does not seem worth it. As far as alignment adjustment, there is only a listing for cross caster …

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Matt Technician

We use a tool from FloDynamics TSD450 flodynamics​.​com/section_Transm… to flush all trans through the dipstick or through the lines. Works well. If you are having camber issues check for too much weight in the back causing issues. Many people buy these vehicles and then overload them in the rear causing the issues.

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