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John Technician Morgantown, West Virginia Posted   Latest  

Does anyone have any experience with their training? Considering subscribing but wanted some input before I do. Thanks in advance

Brin Diagnostician
Melbourne, Florida
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They have a lot of training from a lot of Nationally recognized instructors. The subscription is worth the investment in my opinion, if you'll actually use it. This is one answer to daytime training. I support AVI and appreciate their efforts. I've subscribed to the all access pass for years.

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Nate Educator
Los Angeles, California
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Yes I use them for my training classes for the smog program. Like any other program they have some pretty basic ones to advance. I use them as added material for my training. Is there any thing particular you would like t know?

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Eric Mechanic
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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The last shop I was at had a subscription for a short time. They offered a broad range of material covering simple to complex topics. I thought the content was very good and I logged on fairly regularly, what I found frustrating was not being able to bookmark where I left off. That may not be the case anymore. The shop dropped the subscription due to lack of interest.

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Robert Owner
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
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I agree with "all of the above". I have used their DVDs extensively and find them to always be comprehensive.

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Tim Owner/Technician
Wilmington, North Carolina
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Avi is great. They have a wide range of videos and training for all skill levels. I have an all access pass for my shop. Definitely worth the money if you use it.

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Felix Diagnostician
Miami, Florida
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very good , if you really gonna use it , 3 years ago I paid the full year subscription and they have very good training

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Maurice Business Development Manager
Geebung, Australia
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some 10 years or so I had very little experience with our modern cars and I could not find any suitable training here in my country so I started buying up AVI videos and training manuals and I credit them for where I am today. I would definitely recommended them. i would also recommend you subscribe to Paul Danner (scannerdanner) scannerdanner​.​com/join-scannerda…

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Joel Diagnostician
Soquel, California
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good training there I had had several training material from them , I bough a yearly suscription , wich give you full access to there entire library for what ever sytem they have training

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David Educator
Kokomo, Indiana
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In addition to the independent aftermarket trainers that AVI has utilized over the years they have been producing training videos with the help of some tier 1 OEM suppliers like … & Bosch along with a few tool makers. ASE test preps have been added into the mix in recent years as well. Unlike many conventional OEM online LMS (Learning Management System) training programs, quite a few of

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Joel Diagnostician
Soquel, California
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I agree there are excellent teachers there like you , I ustudied my ase material fron avi also all others training very satisfied with there training material.

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