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Hey guys I have a 2000 Genie Boom Lift that you tow behind a pickup. It is a Genie TMZ 50/30. When I enter the make and model it doesnt recognize it which is why the Vehicle portion is blank. I put the VIN and serial# at the bottom of this post. It has just 2 wheels and 4 outriggers. It is an electric only model. It will not go into AUTOLEVEL mode so it will not let the boom go up. It has codes for literally every hydraulic solenoid open circuit. When you turn the Key On the control box self tests all the circuits. I used this self test to test every circuit. I have been thru every limit switch circuit, solenoid circuit , and the XY axis level sensor. Everything works perfect. The solenoid ohms and amp draw is all perfect to the specs in the Genie service manual. Everything is pointing to the ground controls box. I noticed it smelled burnt. I removed it and sure enough it has a couple places on it were someone soldered wires to the board in an attempt to make some sort of repair I presume. There is also one big capacitor with clear silicone around it like it was replaced at some point. Im sure this is why the machine was at the auction were my customer purchased it too begin with. Genie no longer offers this control panel. They offer an upgrade kit which costs $11,000. The customer only paid $6,000 for the machine. A couple wholesale equipment parts places I found online showed the part# in stock. But when you call them they say they have never had it. My question is does anyone know a place that could potentially repair the board? Or does anyone know of a place that might have a used one? The customer is very understanding and knows he may have to send it back to the auction. However neither of us are ready to throw in the towel just yet.

VIN# 1g9aa2314yr242109

Serial # T5000-109

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Try Flight Systems in Carlisle PA., …, they reman Genie controllers along with many other brands

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Hi Caleb: I agree with Paul about Flight Systems though you may see them listed in New Cumberland, PA. They're customers of mine. fseg​.​net  The website has been revamped now that Dorman is taking a more active role. (They were purchased about a year ago. They do good work. Many hope that doesn't change.) HTH, Guido

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Thanks so much guys . I have called them and we are shipping it in for an evaluation. I'll keep posted.

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