Misfire Monitor

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2007 Bentley Continental Flying Spur 6.0L 6-spd (6HP26)

Does any one know if Bentley's do not have a Misfire Monitor in their PCM emissions software. I suspect it may be reflashed software, but don't know for sure.


Craig from Commack



Hello Rick They do have misfire monitors, its a giant Volkswagen don't let the w12 twin turbo scare you. Most of the time I found vacuum leaks and check if it has the updated coils. If you are using a scan tool that can look at measure value blocks check 016 and up for misfires.


Rick from Whittier



Thank You, I was thinking they had put some fishy software in.


Brian from Willoughby



A misfire monitor should be mandated on all vehicles and is also a continuous monitor. It is still possible an illegal modification was made to eliminate this. Often, in the tuner world, you'll see certain things like this removed. Part of Ohio's emissions inspections is to verify all of the monitors are present (especially a catalyst monitor)


Bob from Ann Arbor


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This! Any OBD2 compliant calibration must have misfire detection. Earlier implementations may not show on the scan tool (like a pre 2003 JLR as an example) but the PCM still has the testing as part of its programming.