Podcast: Business Side of ADAS - Part 2

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THA 182 The Business Side of ADAS Part 2

This is the second part of a series on the ‘Business Side of ADAS’ as we need to have a continual discussion on ADAS calibration. Should we invest or just outsource the work? As you know vehicle systems are highly integrated and respecting these advanced driver systems to keep the vehicle in OE operating conditions is the moral side of the importance of performing ADAS calibrations.

Listen to another great aftermarket panel talking about the Business of ADAS. With me is David Friend, owner of Mobile Tech and Wilmington Hybrids, from Wilmington, NC 

Matt Lachowitzer, from Matt’s Automotive Service Center, with six locations in North Dakota, he also has a new ADAS Calibration Center and, James Carpenter, Collision Manager at Eastlake Diagnostics.

Part one of this ADAS series is in Town Hall Academy episode 138: remarkableresults​.​biz/a138 The key talking points for this episode can be found at remarkableresults​.​biz/a182