Mercedes Benz/Sprinter J2534 Scan Tool Purchases (Posted by NASTF)

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2010 Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic 3.0L (272.948) 7-spd (722.9)

What repair are you unable to perform?

Multiple members are saying they have ordered MB J2534 package and have not received it. The package is listed on the site as available with a 5 day lead time. 

What information are you having trouble obtaining?

Information to setup the package on laptop and install code. 

What steps have you taken to obtain the information you need?

Members say that MB does not respond to emails or calls

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MB USA changed the fulfillment date on the J2534 software from 5 days to 3 months. NASTF has asked MB USA to respond to all purchases made under the 5 day purchase period. NASTF has updated the MB page on nastf​.​org to reflect these changes wp​.​nastf​.​org/?page_id=594

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Closing this unresolved. Still 3 months to get a J2534 download processed and registration approved

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