Favorite tough book ?

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I have a lot of laptops I use for different reasons at work...I have always used lenovo or Dell. They seem to hold up ok. I do not own any tough books but have considered buying one recently (referb) those who use them why do you pay the extra or choose them? 

Matthew Mobile Technician
Bartlett, Illinois
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I use CF-31s. I love them, daylight readable screen and super tough. I have broken a couple semi-rugged, that is why I went full rugged. If you are a little handy with computers, watch ebay. Get a MK2 or higher, they can take 16GB of ram. I have bought decent units less than 300. Add max ram and an ssd and it is fast. You can buy all new stickers and port covers, they usually look brand new when

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Matt Technician
De Soto, Missouri
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I'm currently using a CF 53 refurb I purchased on Ebay for less than $400. It came loaded with Windows 10 and works great with great battery life. I'm running all of my Ford software on it, and use it 8 hours a day in the shop for SI and other needs.

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Christopher Technician
San Antonio, Texas
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I recently purchased a used CF-19 MK 6 for under $300 to go with my Mongoose (I hate waiting for an available Techstream), even though I already have a Lenovo X220 tablet. The reasons were simple - it has a nice long battery life, a screen you can read outdoors in full sunlight, it's far more drop-proof than a regular laptop, it's available with a spill-proof keyboard (I wouldn't want to write a

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Ronald Technical Support Specialist
New Britain, Connecticut
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I use the cf-54. We have about 30 of them. Light, fast and durable. I'm not sure if we can share vendor info but I buy from a company named Bizco. they come with a 3 year bumper to bumper coverage if needed.

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Chris Technical Support Specialist
Commack, New York
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I used a CF-18 for years, the battery life was great survived a few drops to the concrete without issue. Even performed better in the heat in the summer than most other computers in the shop. However, the cost for me did not outway the benefit. I have been able to find much more performance for less than a quarter the price. If your tough on equipment the Toughbook is great but expensive. For

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Michael Owner/Technician
Richmond, Virginia
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How careful are you with your equipment? Have you ever dropped & broke one of your laptops? My first was a Gateway, bought it brand new, broke it the first month I had it. I've used toughbooks ever since, for 20 years now, all the things said about the toughness are true, I never had a single hardware or drop related failure except for the hard drive, they go bad in any laptop. The think I

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Chris Diagnostician
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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Does anyone have any experience with the CF-C2 toughbooks?

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