E60 Various no comm modules

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Network Communications
2005 BMW 530i 3.0L (M54) 6-spd (A6HP19Z)
Flickering Lights

Here is a classic issue with early production E60 vehicles which utilize a micro power module.

The module is tied into the PT CAN and the K CAN and can drop comms with the complete vehicle when scanning.

Usual symptoms are flickering lights, no start and no communication with various PT CAM modules.

Easiest place to start is in the trunk well under the spare.

You will usually find it submerged, due to faulty trunk seals or faulty tail lamp seals.

If replaced, it should be relocated into the left rear compartment behind trim with the cradle adapter from BMW.

Typical repair requires harness/ pin repair and MPM coding after replacement.

Here are some of the typical faults accompanied by the faulted module

Pay special attention to the modules that do not communicate. This is a dead giveaway to this issue

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Everytime I read these posts I enjoy them. Then my head starts to spin thinking of the massive database of information Autologic has to have for failures and strange glitches. It would be a helluva training manual to put out some day.... Thanks for the heads up as always. I appreciate any and all good information I can get.

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