Displaying tags since the recent update

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Since the recent update to Diagnostic Network, the tags on individual responses don't show up. I know this was briefly mentioned in the update details. What I can't figure out is how to see the tags. If a response has been tagged, is there a way to see what it was tagged for?

Tom Engineer
Tom Resolution

The way it should be working now is you’ll see a tag if any of these is true: - Two or more people apply the same tag - If you tagged it, you’ll see your tags - You’re the author, you‘ll see tags from single people if its one of our official tags, eg Helpful, Agree, Disagree, Missing Information, etc. These display rules are almost the same as before, but before the author would also see a…

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Steven Mechanic

That explains it. That makes sense if some people are applying custom tags for specific reasons. Thanks. Have a good weekend.

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