Remarkable Results Academy - DVI Photography 11-23-18 Noon EST

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Hello everyone,

I think it’s fair to state that most (if not all) of us are engaged in taking images with our smartphones. For those of you interested in learning how to take better pictures, please consider joining Carm Capriotto‘s Remarkable Results Town Hall Academy on November 23rd @ 12:00 EST.

I’m honored to be a guest on this show and I'll be joined by three fellow industry professionals where we'll be sharing best practices around capturing great images during vehicle inspections (DVI's), and or anytime you’re looking to tell the story through an image or photograph.

If you’re unable to attend the live broadcast, a replay will be available in the coming weeks. (I'll be sure to add a link here when it becomes available)

The following links will take you to the live event:



Hope to see you there with your questions and or comments!

Greg Manager

Looking forward to the show and hanging out with you and the others. Should be fun.

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Jim Curriculum Developer

I was able to catch some of this event live. Good discussion.

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