Transmission Failure For Ford Fiesta

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2012 Ford Fiesta SE 1.6L (J) 6-spd (DPS6)
P0805 - Clutch Position Sensor Circuit

I have a 2012 Ford Fiesta with the transmission problem, let's start doing a diagnosis and it threw the DTC P0805 - Clutch Position Sensor Circuit

We reviewed the harness, connectors, ground and decided to change the complete transmission. We installed it and proceeded to program and the code always reappears. The fault code is erased within 10 seconds of restarting the vehicle. The DTC reappears.

Michael Technician
British Columbia

TSB and extended coverage on TCM. I exaggerate, but it's ALWAYS the TCM. At the dealer, we always assume TCM and only continue diag if it's clear that is not the TCM. Edit: your vehicle says 5-spd, my reference is for DPS6 dual clutch auto.

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Jose Mechanic
El Salvador

si es cierto DPS6 ya instalé 2 tcm 1 nuevo y uno de otro vehículo y el problema siempre persiste y cambio la batería aprovecho otro cambio de terminales del suelo y siempre está el DTC

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Chris Technical Support Specialist
New York

Swap the clutch motors and see if the fault moves to the other clutch,

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