DN Partner Profile Podcast — Chris Chesney Advance Auto Parts - Carquest Technical Institute

Scott Manager California Posted   Edited  

Hello everyone,

We have just uploaded a new DN podcast segment for our DN Interactive/Multimedia with automotive industry observations from Chris Chesney, Senior Director of Customer Training for Advance Auto Parts and the Carquest Technical Institute.

In this DN Partner Profile, we join Chesney to spotlight a snapshot of his view of the margin of technology advancements that he envisions as defining “hands-on” success for the technician of 2020 and beyond.

Specifically, he points to at least “three” technician learning curves the service industry has had to encounter and embrace in the past half century. Today Chesney says we’re just entering what he views as the “third” technology curve: Multiple systems of propulsion, microprocessor and network system integration, along with the plethora of “automated driver assist” systems that pre-stage advancement to the “Autonomous Car.”

Below is a link to a DN visit with one of the top leaders of service technical training as we listen and learn Chris Chesney’s unique combination of optimism, coaching and keen focus on tackling change – just as our industry has done before.