Micro Amp Clamp

Cliff Diagnostician Santa Maria, California Posted   Latest   Edited  

Does anyone know if Pico has dropped the Micro Amp Clamp? I did a rather quick internet search and was unable to find it. 

James Diagnostician
Bishop, Georgia
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Check AESwave

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Eric Mobile Technician
Peoria, Illinois
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Brandon Diagnostician
Reading , Pennsylvania
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Yes, I have the K110...functions well

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Matt Owner
Brownhills, United Kingdom
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Yes, we have a Chavin Arnoux K2 clamp and that works with it.

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Bob Mobile Technician
West Chicago, Illinois
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Pico never made one

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Cliff Diagnostician
Santa Maria, California
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Well that's probably why I couldn't find it... Thanks for all the responses!

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Ben Technical Support Specialist
Eaton Socon, United Kingdom
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Hello Cliff, Thanks to all those that have replied already. The smallest Current clamp Pico offer is the TA018 20/60A clamp. You can of course create a custom probe within Pico so you can add a micro amps clamp which will work fine with the software. If you need any help with setting up a custom probe please get in touch and we can help you with this. Kind regards Ben

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Stuart Owner/Technician
Prestonpans, United Kingdom
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Chauvin Arnoux dknthe microamp clamp. chauvin-arnoux​.​com/en/produit/k1… Hope that helps

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Shaun Diagnostician
Newbury, United Kingdom
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Yes, use the K2 clamp, works with Pico

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