Waveform cam crank 2013 Ford 1.6 Turbo Fusion

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2013 Ford Fusion SE 1.6L (R) 6-spd (6F35)—3FA6P0HRXDR248258
Vehicle Came From Another Shop. No Start After They Installed A T-Belt. I Don't Think They Properly Have It Timed Or They Have The Crank Pulley Installed Incorrectly. I Want To Check It And Not Just Tare Into It Blindly

If anyone has a waveform of this motor's cam & crank correlation I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance. 

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Justin Mobile Technician
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Paul Mechanic
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You can use a pressure transducer to verify valve timing within a few degrees along with ignition timing in the future if you suspect a timing issue and don't have a known good cam/crank correlation and even that may/can be suspect if any of the reluctors shifted. Just one more test you can perform before opening an engine up.(if you have one?)

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Based on your summary, it has to be mistimed. I’d be obtaining the tool set to correctly orient the cam/crank correlation and the crank pulley. I’ve seen this twice on Fusions. The techs would use the proper tooling to position the cams and crank but would neglect to use the tool to properly orient the crank pulley. The result is ignition timing will be way off. I use a borescope to look at…

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Just keep in mind the waveform is for the Crank damper (ckp pickup) to Cam shaft correlation. This does not reference the physical positioning of the crankshaft. Recommend using the proper tooling and setting timing properly. If its close and not spot on it typically will have a rolling/rough idle.

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