Jeep Wrangler HVAC Issue

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2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 3.6L (G ERB) 5-spd (W5A580) — 1C4BJWEG1DL675200
No Cooling

Hello all, have this Jeep in here that came in with a complaint of A/C not cooling.. another shop replaced the temp door actuator with no change. Another shop told him he needs an HVAC control head. I decided I'll replace the temp door actuator again before buying a module (no change) performed actuator recalibration, using Snapon Verus Edge. It fails the recirc actuator calibration. so I decided that we'll replace the recirc door actuator and recalibrated everything again.(my thoughts were, lets make sure its not going into failsafe mode because of inoperative recirc door) that didnt change anything, I tested all powers and grounds coming to the hvac module (all good) Ordered an HVAC module from Chrysler, installed it, performed recal again, no temp change.. When i replaced the temp door actuator, I moved the door manually, and it is completely free, and output temp changes just like it should. Also after messing with the temp door actuator, I happened to get it timed such that it just blows Cold air now instead of hot, but the door still doesnt move. Everything else in the HVAC system works flawlessly, mode doors recirc door, blower motor, it all works, except the temp door... What am I missing?!?!? Thanks in advance!!

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Hi Leon, Are there any relevant codes stored in the HVAC or elsewhere? It looks like pins 13 and 14 on the HVAC module should be your blend actuator pins. Pin 14 DB/LB is a common driver for all 3 actuators, and pin 13 DB/LG is the other driver for the blend. When the module commands the actuator to move one of those pins will be a power, and the other will be a ground. The module will swap…

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I would closely inspect pin fitment of all relevant actuators and sensors. I had a jeep about a month ago brought to me that was meddled with in a similar fashion. One bent pin from a sloppy mechanic connecting sensor without looking at it straight on caused no contact on that bent pin luckily I was able to straighten it with a pair of fine pliers. Also IIRC no codes but vehicle would not…

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Leon Resolution

Good morning to all and thank you to those of you who took time out of your (I hope) busy schedule to respond to my problem.. friday afternoon i all of a sudden remembered a cadillac from years ago that we were having similar issues with and the resolution was recover recycle and recharge the HVAC system. On a whim, i decided its worth a shot (even if i felt like it was a long shot), i RRR the…

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Mike Technician

Good catch , my thinking was plugged up evaporated or cab filter

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