Autonomous vehicle technology

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I was doing some reading this morning on Autonomous vehicle technology and wanted to share it here. As a tech geek myself I find this very interesting. Lidar vs camera? Lidar and radar combined? What are the pros and cons of each technology? Enjoy


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Very interesting topic. I see hacking as an important skill for troubleshooting today’s automobiles. I think that is going to be the strength of the independent. Just as in the past the independents will find the best ways to quickly solve the diagnostic problems. It will be particularly important as vehicles age and lack of manufacturer support will necessitate creative diagnosis and repair

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Tim Educator
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With all this new technology, all the potential career paths available (those we know about and those we can't imagine yet!), coupled with what actually interests young people today, I am excited to see what the future technician looks like! The red shop towel will be sharing the work with special lens cleaning towels! A technicians tool box will have more computing power than ever before. And

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Jeffrey Technician
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Rain will cause failures(crashes) with lidar systems, but with anything to do with this next stage in technology it is in its infancy and will continue to evolve, even after a working product has been delivered. The reality of it will likely be a product with two, three or even more main guidance systems working in tandem, while lidar is affected by rain there are other systems that are not, and

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Robert Diagnostician
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My thinking exactly. What a great way to get young people involved in our field. Almost like designing a video game. An amazing technology that is way over my head. I understand it somewhat. I will be able to repair it. But to design it and make it more accurate is a task for the much more talented younger people. What an exciting development for the aut world.

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Robert Diagnostician
Ballston, New York
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Great Information. How do you find these information sights? I am very interested in future technology and I am always seeking new avenues of information. Watching the one YouTube video in the link got me thinking. What if they could link thermal imaging into the equation also. Wow. Neat stuff. Makes me want to go to work tomorrow to learn something new.

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Bill Technician
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Some interesting info here as well. nvidia​.​com/en-us/self-dri…

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