Will not run with turbo cooler installed

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2010 Acura RDX 2.3L (K23A1) 5-spd — 5J8TB2H51AA002937
Won't Idle Fir More Than 15 Seconds

Dies after it runs for 15 seconds cannot accelerate to keep it running, here is the weirdness, I removed the turbo cooler to test fuel pressure, ignition spark, fuel injector pulse, all tested perfectly, with the cooler off the car idles fine

If I add vac to the waste same results dies with cooller installed.

If i apply pressure to the waste with cooler installed car dies

Removed cooler and ran a straight hose from TB to turbo out, car dies, remove the hose car idles fine

Dropped exhaust after 1st CAT same results ( CAT bolts straight to turbo) CAT looks clean from bottom side

No codes, no sensors look out of specs

Thanks for your help

John Manager
Warsaw, Indiana
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Try pulling the intake piping or air filter. If the turbo can't get air it cant pass it on.

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Dan Technician
Palatine, Illinois
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I’d be looking to see if there is debris on the maf sensor

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Elias Owner/Technician
Poway, California
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This car is shown to be fixed on iatn for debris on maf....good suggestion dan.

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Fred Owner/Technician
Santa Barbara, California
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Dan was correct, rodent nest particles were found in the MAF sensor Not sure how to close this, even read the Instructions, I don't see a resolution button

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Albert Owner/Technician
Towanda, Pennsylvania
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I'm thinking the same intake clog

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