2018 Sierra C0710 4b

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2018 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT 5.3L (C L83 Gas) 6-spd (6L80) — 3GTU2NEC4JG375754
C0710 — ISO/SAE Reserved
Service Stabitrac

Hey guys! I got this truck and they just had a genuine GM steering wheel angle sensor installed which did not fix the original issue. Original code was U0126 -found the SAS had no power on the green/brown coming from abs module, so I fixed that issue, now has a C0710 4b which is asking for calibration to be learned. I went into ABS Module and performed steering wheel angle sensor learn as well as Yaw rate - both tests passed. Than when I go into the steering wheel angle sensor module, I can read data stream, no codes (only in abs) but when I try to run the steering wheel angle sensor setup it says conditions are incorrect for this test, and will not run. This is using a snap on D10. Looking at all the data stream the only thing that looks odd is the steering wheel angle sensor is about 17 degrees off when the wheel is centered. I am unsure if the sensor is installed wrong - or if the steering wheel sensor reset test can rectify this. I might try dropping the column and seeing if I can get the sensor to read closer - but I am an open to any thoughts and opinions.

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Make sure parking brake is set and you are park. seen cause problems before.

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Well guys after some hair pulling and double checking the installation, - I grabbed the Chinese launch scanner, went into EBCM and was able to do the steering wheel angle sensor learn and it works perfect. The snap on scanner only has a reset function in it for some silly reason where the launch shows reset and learn. Truck is fixed and happy happy happy. Thanks for the advice Elon, I never…

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