Glow Plug Controller DTC 4949

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2001 BMW X5 3.0i 3.0L (M54) 5-spd
Engine Ecu Dtc 4949

No MIL lamp fault for glow plug control time

Has had a new OE Beru controller and all new OE Bosch glow plugs.

Wiring is OK & the 20 amp fuse intact & Starter 12 volts supply (crank signal) is connected directly to the glow plug controller.

Vehicle starts and runs OK

PROBLEM: Need to perform a DPF burn off because it is close to the limit. DPF burn off cannot be initiated because of the engine ecu DTC 4949

Joel Diagnostician

I am wondering how to interpret the data or what pids to look for to find out about how saturated is the dpd, I will appreciate some info about it

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